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Just can’t plan for illness

So, I thought I had been organised enough to sort out all of the experiments I need to carry out for a grant application. The experiments will be done by Easter and then after a break I will write the application. Already I was regretting planning experiments that require me to go into work over the weekend, every weekend for three weeks – what is the point of working part-time if I then also spend about four hours every weekend working? The whole point of working part-time was to spend time with my daughter and not miss her growing up. (I’m digressing.)
Just when I was feeling smug over my plans and self-congratulating myself for being so organised, I come across news that throws a spanner in the works. I decided to check my emails on my day off: Chicken pox has infected a child in the same nursery room as mine!
My daughter has had a fever for about a week now. Does she have a bug or is she teething? Who knows. I checked her over for spots, especially her scalp and behind her ears – nothing. But the incubation period for chicken pox is up to two weeks so she might still develop a rash, or not, as the case may be. We’ll just have to wait and see. If she does get chicken pox her dad and I will just have to juggle looking after a poorly toddler and carrying out essential work duties between us.
I was going to order her chicken pox vaccine (see my blog here and here) later this week but now it might not be needed…


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