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Blood and Eyes – The messier the better!

The Blood and Eyes workshop for families that was funded by the Biochemical Society

Biochemical Society

A Biochemical Society funded outreach activity at Bridgwater Science Festival.

Guest post by Tarnjit Khera (University of Bristol, UK)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlood is messy and children like mess so what better way to teach children about the components of blood than letting them make it themselves? During the activity we discussed the role of each ingredient as it was added to a cup. Dried cranberries played the role of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, marshmallows were the bigger infection-fighting white blood cells and sugar glitter was used to depict platelets, which help scabs form. For the serum diluted milk containing food colouring was used. Each component was added in the ratio found in real human blood. Nearly all of the children knew blood is red, it keeps us alive and circulates around our bodies. The amount of information I gave in snippets was determined by the age of the child and the knowledge they…

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